Frank Duggan and VPAF103

Frank Duggan, President VPAF103

Frank Duggan, President VPAF103

Frank Duggan is a retired lawyer in the United States and is President of the Victims of Pan Am 103 association (VPAF103) however Frank Duggan suffered no loss in the tragedy and is also unaware of how many families he represents.

The goals of VPAF103 claim to be to seek justice for victims and to seek the truth behind the loss of Pan Am 103. This is association like no other demonstrates the divide between American victims and those elsewhere, in particular the UK and Europe.

With that in mind Duggan is absolutely convinced of Megrahi’s and Libya’s guilt and refuses to accept any argument otherwise, despite the overwhelming evidence of a miscarriage of justice, questions over evidence produced to the court and the SCCRC review of the case ordering a fresh appeal.

In a telephone interview with Goerge Galloway, Duggan was asked about the validity of the witness Tony Gauci. Duggan  stated he believed Gauci to be “an honorable man just trying to do the right thing” despite his evidence being called into question by the SCCRC report. Furthermore he was asked why Gauci was paid several million US dollars for his evidence to which he replied “No he wasn’t, who said that?” – a matter which is on public record that Gauci WAS paid. Added to the fact that Duggan was “not that familiar with what he said” we can clearly see Frank Duggan is well versed on the evidence.

Duggan goes onto to repeat that fact that “8” Judges found Megrahi Guilty in a court of law “now you can choose to believe Robert Black, Dr Swire and all of these other Cranks or you can believe the [8] Judges” showing the firm belief he has in Mergahi’s guilt based on his “in-depth” knowledge of testimony, and any deviation from that official course is the work of Cranks.

One clear difference that shows here is that VPAF103 consensus is Megrahi is Guilty but they, especially their President, are largely unaware of the facts of the evidence and Testimony. Compared to those who have bothered to look at the evidence, witness testimony, court proceedings and independent research who are convinced of a miscarriage of Justice. These “Cranks” include the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, Dr Jim Swire, Robert Black QCHans Köchler (UN Observer), Edwin Bollier (MEBO), John Ashton and many, many more.

Make your own mind up on Frank Duggan by listening to the whole interview here. 

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